How to predict illness through dreams

Some diseases often manifest themselves in the form of dreams before they occur. In particular, nightmares, although unpleasant and disturbing sleep, are often early signs of cancer and other diseases, especially when they are repeated repeatedly, which can be obvious signs of illness and reveal the location, nature and severity of the lesion that is about to occur.

One woman was extremely tired, but she continued to work. One night, she dreamed that she was desperately clutching the window frame to keep herself from falling downstairs, but she fell due to exhaustion. Two days later, she fainted at work. Doctors diagnosed her with a urinary tract infection caused by standing for too long.

Famous Western dream interpreters believe that there is a “omesmen dream” before the appearance of physical illness, because in the dream, all the subtle sensations of the body are magnified. As in the example above, the woman’s dream reminds her not to push herself too hard, while also showing a knee-jerk desire to stop doing it and stop doing it. It seems a bit inappropriate to interpret her dream as “you’re sick,” because there’s really nothing in the dream to relate to the disease “urinary tract infection.” For example, people with cystitis dream of springs, people with lung disease dream of suffocation, and so on. This view has continued from ancient times to the advent of scientific medicine, and even today, sleep analysis experts do not dispute it.

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