What it means to dream about my son in distress

Dreaming that your son is in distress is a sign that your fortune will be affected, and although you have the help of noble people, you should follow the advice of others, and you should not quarrel with others over trivial matters, and your life will be more uneasy. If you have this dream, you are not getting along with others, and your life is more uneasy, so you should decide after consulting with others about this dream, and you should not be pretentious, relying on the old and selling the old. Dreams are auspicious in winter, and dreams are unlucky in summer.

Seeking scholars’ dreams, going east to the auspicious, going west is unlucky, the recent signs of financial luck are more affected, people with stubborn personalities, financial luck is difficult to improve, and there are many disturbing things with others, everything should be forgiven, not to make their own claims.

When a person seeking an official dreams of his son in distress, it is a symbol of Xinjin, which means that it is difficult to improve the fortune of the lord, and it is difficult to smooth his career, and he is often used by others to seek wealth. In this dream, there will be a sign of good luck in the Lord’s career, and he will get along with others sincerely, and his life will be improved for the betterment of each other.

A newly married woman dreams of having a career with others, being sleek, and a sign of noble luck.

In an unmarried relationship, a woman dreams that her son is in distress, and there is a lot of peach blossom luck, ambiguous meaning, emotional signs of restlessness, and a sense of uneasiness in her heart, which is a sign of trouble.

Recently, those who have been entangled with others have dreamed that their son is in distress, and there are signs of uneasiness in life, and wealth is rare, and those who seek wealth should not quarrel with others.

The elderly dream that their son is in distress, there are many family disputes, and the family relationship is not harmonious.

It is an unlucky sign for a person who has a discordant family relationship to dream that his son is in distress, has gastrointestinal diseases, or digestive tract diseases, and has many physical conditions.

Those who are engaged in planning, planning and other related industries dream that their son is in distress, and it is auspicious to go west, and it is unlucky to go east, and he has a lot of wealth and fortune, and his career can be helped by others.

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