What to do if you are nervous and insomnia

Mental stress can shorten the time it takes for people to fall into deep sleep, interrupt dreams, and impede sleep. There are also studies that have found that since people have had sleep problems, they experience more stressful lives than before, leading to long-term insomnia.

The main reason for this is that the sleep process occurs because certain nerve centers in the brain predict the failure of the cerebral cortex, and as the degree of failure increases, the person will feel sleepy. If the mental tension continues, the nerves in the brain will not be able to complete this process, and it will be more difficult for the cerebral cortex cells to enter a state of inhibition. As a result, it is difficult for people who are in a state of stress to feel sleepy and eventually fall asleep.

In addition to the mental stress caused by external factors can cause insomnia, the tension caused by excessive desire to resist insomnia can also induce a new round of insomnia or further decline in the original sleep quality.

The key to the prevention and control of insomnia due to stress is to relax the nerves, and a simple and effective way here is to carry out daily life regularly, close your eyes and take deep breaths after going to bed.

What to do if you are nervous and insomnia

Description of the condition and questions: I have a bad stomach, sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable in the second half of the night, due to insomnia, I fall asleep quickly for a long time, I wake up at about 2 o’clock at night and it is not easy to fall asleep, the next day I am uncomfortable, I don’t sleep well at noon, and I feel bad at night, how to treat it?

Suggestion 1: If the situation is more serious, you can go to the best local hospital to find a specialist for treatment, or you can come to big cities such as Shanghai. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, from the treatment of the liver and spleen Many of the causes and pathogenesis of insomnia are related to liver and spleen disorders, how to comprehensively diagnose insomnia in traditional Chinese medicine, and the selection of traditional Chinese medicine for insomnia should focus on regulating the liver and spleen on the basis of syndrome differentiation and treatment. Get close to nature, relax your nervous and irritable mood, and travel to the mountains, the seaside, and the suburbs. Through proper outdoor activities, you can effectively relieve your tense nerves, feel good, and sleep well. At the same time, where there are flowers and trees, beautiful mountains and rivers, the ion content in the air is higher than that in the city, which is also conducive to the maintenance of human nerves and improves the quality of sleep. Abnormal movements consist of repetitive dorsiflexion of the toes and ankles, often extending to the knees and hips, and sometimes involving the wrists and elbows. These movements occur mainly during the light sleep phase, but some people can also occur when they are drowsy. The most important thing to sleep is to relax, lying in bed can not be as restrained as sitting in the classroom or office, you can find a sleeping position that you think is the most comfortable and relaxed, and then fall asleep beautifully.

Suggestion 2: Hello, you can tell me the details, if the situation is more serious, you can go to the best local hospital to find a specialist for treatment, or you can come to Shanghai. Causes of insomnia: Psychological factors such as anxiety, irritability, low mood, and unpleasant mood are all important causes of insomnia. The blows of life, the pressure of work and study, the willingness to make attempts, and changes in the social environment can cause people to have psychological and physiological reactions, leading to abnormal function of the nervous system, causing brain dysfunction, and thus causing insomnia. Insomnia treatment: You don’t drink anything that contains water (including milk) an hour before bedtime. Half an hour before bed, drop everything, relax your brain, listen to some slow songs, dim the lights in the room, or even turn them off. If you have any questions, you can continue to consult. If the situation is serious, you can come to Shanghai to have a look

Recommendation 3: Self-hypnosis is a type of psychotherapy that has been tried and tested. In fact, the counting and memorizing poems we use belong to this category, and the principle is the same, that is, to concentrate our energy and spirit on a certain point. For example, while listening and counting your breath, you always think of the same picture or a certain word in your mind, often thinking of the blue sky and white clouds, or silently writing the word “quiet” repeatedly in your heart. You can also keep hinting to yourself: “I’m tired, it’s time for me to sleep.” Or tell yourself, “I’m in the middle of a good sleep.” “Usually when I can’t fall asleep after tossing and turning, I think that if I am an actor and I am filming a scene in a sleeping state, I must act very similarly, so I can’t move around and I can’t open my eyes.

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