Dream about crying yourself

Crying is a way for humans to express their emotions, especially in dreams, and crying symbolizes the need for release of deep, suppressed or unresolved emotions within you. This may be negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, grievances, loneliness, stress, or positive emotions such as joy and emotion. Crying in a dream is your subconscious mind trying to process and express these emotions.

Dreaming of yourself crying suggests that you crave care, understanding, and comfort from others in real life. This dream may appear when you feel isolated, misunderstood, or have unmet emotional needs.

If a person preparing for an exam dreams that he is crying, it means that it is advantageous to study in the south and take the exam.

If a pregnant person dreams of crying, it indicates that a man will be born, and a girl will be born in autumn, and the body will be well maintained.

If a person who starts a business dreams of crying himself, it means that he has a smooth start, gains financial benefits halfway, and finally loses because of many rights and wrongs.

Interpretations of dreaming about yourself crying

Crying in a dream is an auspicious sign that something to celebrate in your life.

When you dream that you are crying, it means that the sadness in your heart will be poured out, the pain will finally pass, the mood will be relaxed, and you will soon usher in a good situation and a smooth future.

When you dream that you are crying, it means that the sadness in your heart will be poured out, the pain will finally pass, the mood will be relaxed, and you will soon usher in a good situation and the future will be smooth.

When you hear a miserable cry in your dream, it means that you are about to fall into a serious predicament, but as long as you can stay alert and make good use of the opportunity, you will eventually be able to find the way out of it.

When you dream of crying, it often indicates that you have suppressed strong emotions in your heart.

Dreaming of crying suggests that good news will come from your friends or relatives. If you cry loudly in your dream, it means that something joyful will come to you.

If you are going to go out and dream that you are crying, it is recommended that you find a companion to go out.

If a person who talks about marriage sees himself crying in a dream, it means that it is difficult to become a husband and wife due to disagreement, and there is no chance to be together.

Psychological advice for dreaming about yourself crying

These two days are full of ideas and ideas, and these two days are the most suitable for creative work/study, and it is not bad to be a behind-the-scenes planner. Friends who read, they are very energetic to learn! The energy is also very concentrated! The way to show love is also full of creativity, and the relationship between you and your lover is a little ungraspable, and it is easy to go overboard!

Dreams related to dreaming about yourself crying

【Dream 1】

I dreamed that I cried: in the dream, after I was discharged from the hospital, I told my parents that I didn’t want to go to the evening repair, I wanted to go to school to get books, I came back to study at home, and I went to school the next day, my parents took me to the same table and showed up, and then I was restless at her house, I felt that her parents did not welcome me very much, I walked into the room at the same table and found that she had become a lot of people, I was so scared that I ran away, ran back to school to get books, and at this time I met a male classmate, and he said to me: ” Your listening test is only 1 point, which is miserable. Then I called my dad after I finished the book, and found that it was my mother who answered the phone, and my mother said that my father had already come home, and I cried very badly at my mother on the phone, and I felt very helpless in my heart. (Provided by Chinese netizens).

【Dream 2】

I dreamed that I was crying very sadly: I dreamed that I was the daughter-in-law of a rich man, my father also worked in my mother-in-law’s company, my father said that the company would transfer money to my father if it was 800,000 turnover, and then my mother-in-law beat me with a coat hanger and asked me where the money went, I said it directly, and then called the police to find out, my dad was because he asked for money to save people, and the child was helped, knowing the reason, he felt very wronged so he cried very sadly, or did someone wake me up before I woke up, is this dream good or bad? ( Provided by Korean netizens).

【Dream 3】

I dreamed that my husband drowned and cried to death: I dreamed that my husband was gone, and when I realized that there was an accident, I went to the side to look for it, and at first the water was muddy and I couldn’t see it, and I turned around on the shore a few times and shouted that there was no response, so I went down to look for it, although I came across something (it should be my husband’s hand) Scared I immediately went ashore, suddenly the water cleared, I clearly saw my husband lying sideways in the water, his face was very clear, as usual asleep, I was very sad and painful, but I didn’t dare to go into the water to get close to him, I was sad but no one came to comfort, and there was no one to comfort me when I got home, I have been sinking in grief, and there was a phone call to wake me up, only to end this nightmare, I have been awake for more than an hour now, my mental state is not very good, this thing is good or bad, ask the master for an answer, thank you (provided by British netizens).

【Dream 4】

I cried very sadly when I dreamed of my mother dying: I dreamed that my mother died, I cried very sadly, I still felt a little guilty about my mother in my dream, I felt guilty that I didn’t go home often to see her, and I said to my sister that I regretted it, and my mother asked me to come to see her often, but I didn’t do it, and I cried very sadly when I thought about it, it was the feeling of crying loudly and crying! (Courtesy of Italian netizens).

【Dream 5】

I dreamed that I was crying: a pregnant woman dreamed that her daughter was walking in front and I suddenly couldn’t find my daughter in the back, I wailed and cried, I looked around for my dream, I called a friend, my friend didn’t help me, the police also helped me, and suddenly my daughter appeared by herself, saying that she had gone with someone else, and I interrogated her only to know that my daughter was raped, and my daughter seemed to be quite happy, what does this dream represent (provided by German netizens).

【Dream 6】

Dreaming of crying yourself: I dreamed that I was working first, but quit my job, and looked everywhere for a suitable art academy to study, but I didn’t find anything satisfactory. When I came down from the upstairs of a certain school, I saw a few people I knew holding a child and picking at the snake gall in front of the child. Then I sat at an open-air table with a male friend and a female friend, and I said I had to find an art school, where I could work during the day and study at night, or I could work and study part-time. Then I cried and said that I really wanted to go to art school. During this time, I held the female friend’s hand, and when we went home separately, I told her not to leave me, and she said she would not leave me, and I told the male friend to send her home. The end (provided by Ukrainian netizens).

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