Dream of a meeting

What does it mean to dream of a meeting?Is it good to dream of a meeting?Dreaming of a meeting will affect and react to reality, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the following detailed explanation of dreaming of a meeting.

Dreaming of a meeting is a bad omen and will cause conflicts with people.

Dreaming of a meeting, on the one hand, is a manifestation of recent work pressure. On the other hand, it symbolizes the dreamer’s decisiveness, the way he communicates with the outside world, etc.

If you dream that you are silent and speak very little at meetings, it indicates that you are a person with a rigorous personality and a good sense of proportion in your work.

If you dream that you are speaking fiercely at a meeting, very incendiary or persuasive, it is a sign that you will usually have your own influence to solve the problem you are currently experiencing.

Dreaming of chaos and noisy situations in a conference room suggests that you may encounter difficulties at work and face crises; Or when faced with a decision, you feel confused and difficult to choose.

Dreaming of holding a public meeting and welcoming you with warm applause indicates that you will succeed in solving a problem at work or in life, achieving success, and being recognized.

Dreaming of being booed at a meeting suggests that you may be a little unconfident.

When you dream of attending a men’s conference, you will get into a fight with someone.

When a man sees a woman in a meeting in a dream, it is a sign of wealth.

The patient dreams of attending a men’s and women’s congress and regains his health without treatment.

If you dream that the convention is over, you will not be in good spirits.

If you dream that you are presiding over a conference, you will become an official of the Yin Shi family.

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