Dream of snakes

What does it mean to dream of a snake? Is it good to dream of snakes? Dreaming of a snake has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of a snake compiled below.

The appearance of a snake in a dream is a typical sexual image, and the dream of a snake may suggest your feelings about sex or the state of your sex life. Maybe you’ve been a little disgruntled lately; Maybe sex fills you with guilt, even feels dirty; Or maybe you have a good sex life and enjoy it. In different dreams, snakes bring different psychological sensations to different dreamers.

Seeing a lot of snakes in a dream may indicate that you have these thoughts and are upset or dangerous about them, but they are not really sexually harmful to you.

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake mostly reflects your fear and fear of sex. (from)

Dreaming of a snake shedding its skin, or dreaming of a snake’s skin, reflects that while you are uneasy about sexual fear, your inner concept has also been renewed and grown.

If you dream of a snake getting into a hole, your home may be stolen or robbed, so you should pay attention to closing the doors and windows when you go out.

In addition to symbolizing male genitalia, dreaming of snakes sometimes symbolizes the dark, incomprehensible and mysterious aspects of oneself and personality, such as the deepest desires and unfathomable powers of human nature, which make people awe-inspiring. Many people dream of snakes with unpleasant experiences, such as being chased and devoured by snakes; Maybe it doesn’t hurt you when it’s dormant, but you’re just scared and want to run away. When you dream of snakes and feel extremely frightened, you may have encountered a deep fear in your heart, or a side of self-knowledge that you are afraid to face. In addition, snakes are sometimes a sign of distress or potential danger in life.

Sometimes the snake also symbolizes the spirituality of wisdom, or a keen intuition. If you feel a special feeling of joy when you dream of snakes, it may indicate a spiritual awakening in your heart or the power of wisdom and intuition. If you believe in religion, it may be a sign that your cultivation is growing.

When a woman dreams of a dead snake biting herself, it indicates that someone is maliciously framing her under the guise of a friend.

Dreaming of a snake wriggling and falling on another snake is a sign of a struggle with fate and remorse.

Dreaming of a pair of snakes is a bad omen and the family will soon be separated. When a merchant sees a pair of snakes in a dream, it suggests that he is going to make a fortune.

Dreaming of killing snakes suggests that you will find that you have firmly grasped every opportunity to boost your profits, or focus on the successful operations of others, and you will feel the joy of defeating your enemies.

Walking across snakes in a dream can indicate that the fear of illness has been permeating your life, and that the selfish villain is sowing discord between you and your friends.

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake is a sign that you will succumb to the influence of evil forces and that enemies will sabotage your cause.

In a dream, an ordinary spotted snake in the green grass is approaching you, and you quickly hide to the side, you think it is gone, but you see it trying to approach you, and its body suddenly grows larger, it becomes like a huge poisonous snake, you struggle in panic, and finally you succeed in escaping, it does not bite you. This time the dream is completely gone, and this dream indicates that soon you will think that no one wants to obey you, and they will even despise you. After this dream. Sickness, insecurity, and the indifference of others can make you disheartened; However, if you let go of these imaginary troubles and take responsibility for yourself quickly, your life will be on track, your heart will be comforted, and your efforts will be rewarded.

Dreaming of a snake spitting out a letter entrenched beside you is a sign that the enemy will take control of you and you will not be able to break free or that you will be hit by a disease.

When you dream of holding a snake in your hand and touching it, it is a sign that you will use clever tactics to overcome all opposing forces.

Dreaming that your hair is turning into a snake is a sign that seemingly inconspicuous things will bring you troubles and worries.

The snake in your dream takes an unnatural shape, which is a sign that you will be in trouble. However, with fairness, calmness, and strong willpower, you will be able to successfully solve all your problems.

Dreaming of seeing or stepping on a snake while wading or bathing is a sign that what you thought was pure happiness turned out to be a troublesome thing.

Dreaming of a snake biting someone can be a sign that a friend will be hurt and criticized by you.

Seeing a baby snake in a dream is a sign that you will be kind enough to entertain some people while they are slandering you behind your back. I want to ruin your good future.

Dreaming that a child is playing with a snake is a sign of who is an enemy and who is a friend, and this question confuses you.

If a woman dreams of a child putting a snake on the back of her head, she can even hear the serpent’s hissing sound, indicating that others will persuade her to give up some possessions, saying that it is for her own good, but later she will find herself in the machinations of the enemy and unable to escape.

Dreaming of a friend walking in front of you and a snake sticking its head out on the road behind you is a sign that someone has hatched a plot to harm you and your friend, and you will be able to detect it.

Dreaming that your friend is in control of a snake suggests that you will hire a very capable agent to help you resist the evil influences.

When a woman dreams of hypnotizing a snake, it is an indication that someone else wants to plunder the rights that belong to you, and you are able to be protected by the law and influential friends.

When you dream of an enemy being bitten by a snake, it indicates that your opponents will kill each other and lose both.

Dreaming of a snake biting your wife is a bad sign that you may experience sorrow or misfortune.

Dreaming of a snake catching a rat is a sign of bad omen, and there will be unfortunate news in life, maybe your investment in the business will be lost, or it may be that you will be very unsatisfactory at work.

Dreaming of a snake fighting with a cat is an auspicious omen, all the misfortunes in life will pass, you will usher in the spring of your life, take advantage of the opportunity!

Dreaming of a snake turning into a dragon is a sign that you will receive help from noble people and will have good luck.

Seeing dragons and snakes together in a dream is auspicious, and it is a sign that you will have good fortune.

When a woman sees a snake in her dream and holds it in her arms, it is an indication that she will be happy with a noble son.

Seeing a long snake coiling in a dream is a sign that you will have good luck in your studies. For example, the new math teacher turned out to be the type you liked, so in order to make a good impression, you started to work on the math you hated before.

Zhou Yi interprets dreams

Snakes are one of the animals we see in our dreams. It is a popular folk saying that seeing a snake in a dream is a symbol of wealth, but in the psychological analysis of dreams, the snake does not represent wealth, but has multiple meanings such as sex, wisdom, and intuition.

The snake in the dream sometimes symbolizes sex. In women’s dreams, snakes are mostly a symbol of male genitalia. For example, in a girl’s dream, a small snake bit her leg. According to the situational analysis of the dream, this little snake represents the male sexual organs, and the process of biting is the process of sexual activity.

Another example is a couple who live in two separate places, after the reunion, the wife dreams of a small dragon spitting water, “little dragon” represents the snake, and “spitting water” symbolizes the ejaculation process of male sexual organs. If you dream of a poisonous snake, it means that it is harmful.

In the male dream, the snake symbolizes the female. During my dream consultation, I came across a dream in which a young man dreamed that he was entangled in a large python with its head pressed against his head. The “python” here symbolizes his mother, and the “entanglement” symbolizes bondage. This dream suggests that in real life, his mother was very strict with him, which affected the development of his independence.

In some men’s dreams, the snake also represents the feminine component of his personality, and if the appearance of the snake makes the dreamer fearful, it means that the dreamer does not accept the female component of his personality, which is reflected in real life, and it is manifested as an underlying fear in interacting with women.

The appearance of a snake in a dream is sometimes a symbol of wisdom. For example, in the dream of a senior corporate executive, he was given a scepter carved with a snake and was very happy. The “scepter” here symbolizes his current career and authority, and the “serpent” represents wisdom. In myths and folklore in many countries, snakes appear in the form of wise men and gods, so when the appearance of the snake in dreams is mythical, it often represents wisdom.

Dreaming of snakes also sometimes symbolizes “intuition.” Intuition is one of the four mental functions of a person (the other three being feeling, thinking, and emotion) that “instructs” people to “behave”. And snakes happen to be very reactive animals, similar to human intuitive reactions. Therefore, people often get the “revelation” of the snake in their dreams. For example, a student dreamed that a snake had gone under his mattress and disappeared, and he was looking for his meal card during the day. The next day, he opened his mattress suspiciously and found the meal card. In fact, it was his intuition that helped him find the meal card, and the snake in the dream symbolized his intuitive activity.

“Mystery” is also the main “characteristic” of snakes, and in the dreams of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, snakes often appear. He and the analytical psychology he founded are also known as “mysterious”, so his connection with snakes is “close”. His “intuition” and “mystery” come from the “snake” in his heart.

The snake in the dream sometimes symbolizes “seduction”. Finally, there is the “beautiful snake” that we all do not accept, that is, the “seduction” that it symbolizes. The snake’s ability to seduce is manifested in the fact that when preying on a frog, it will stare at the frog motionlessly, causing it to lose its vigilance, and then suddenly “lower its mouth”. Similarly, if a similar scene appears in a dream, such as being stared at by a snake, it often means that you have met someone who is very seductive.

Train yourself to be kind to snakes in your dreams. Generally speaking, when encountering a snake in a dream, especially in the fear in the dream, it is easy to choose to fight the snake, kill the snake, burn the snake and other methods to deal with it. But it’s really not the best way to do it. Research on image psychology shows that snakes, as a common image in dreams, often carry greater psychological energy, and if methods such as beating, killing, burning, and throwing are used, it will affect the balance of overall psychological energy. So, the best way to see a snake in a dream is to pay attention to and train it.

It is indeed difficult for the dreamer to “be kind” to the snake in the dream at that time, but it can still be “remedied” after the dream. We can tell ourselves after the dream that if we dream of snakes or similar scenes again, we must first see clearly and not rush to “do it”; You can also imagine going back to the snake scene in your dream and carefully experience your emotions in this dream until the experience is clear and thorough. The advantage of these two practices is that the mental energy represented by the snake in your heart is not suppressed, but can be used to serve your psychological growth. In other words, through this experience, you can enhance your intuitive abilities, discover more of your wisdom, and make your personality more complete and complete.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of a snake suggests that there may be a “slippery” person or situation. This refers to an occasion in which a person cannot be trusted. Or there is a person who you know but can’t control him. Snakes are also related to money strings.

Psychoanalysis: Because snakes are associated with sex, it implies unresolved issues in this area or a fear of sexuality.

Spiritual Symbolism: On a spiritual level, the snake in the dream symbolizes moral sabotage and deception. The snake that bites its own tail in ancient mythology symbolizes perfection, endless vitality and power. This symbol appears in dreams when you are willing to commit to spiritual self-sufficiency.

Case study of a dream about a snake

[Dream example 1]

Dream description: I am most afraid of snakes, whenever I think of snakes, I will be creepy, but I always dream of snakes. I dreamed that I was either bitten by a snake or that a snake was wrapped around my body, and it was terrible, and every time I was awakened by this terrible dream. (Female, 33 y.o.)

Dream Interpretation: Seeing a snake in a dream is a manifestation of sexual desire. According to Freud, the snake is a symbol of femininity, and women dream of snakes because of sexual longing and lust. In the East, dreaming of a snake also sometimes symbolizes money. Whereas, in the West, dreaming of a snake symbolizes many difficulties, obstacles, and perfidious behaviors. If you dream of being riddled with snakes, it means that you have been a repressed slave in love during this time. If you are bitten by a snake, you should be careful of accidents. If there are many snakes, it means that the surroundings are not good.

[Dream example 2]

Dream description: There was a man who dreamed that he put a snake in his pocket to play, and then the snake crawled away and slipped through a door into a storeroom, and he couldn’t find it. Later the man woke up in anxiety.

Dream Interpretation: This dream is an ominous dream, the snake represents the villain and the conspiracy, the snake crawls into the storage room to indicate that the dreamer’s secret will be known to the villain, and the dreamer will be harmed by people. Be careful of rumors lately, especially in relationships, and don’t offend people.

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