Dream about a horse-drawn carriage

Seeing a horse-drawn carriage in a dream symbolizes that a great event is about to be ushered in. The carriage represents the ability to move fast and achieve goals smoothly in dreams. Traveling thousands of miles means that your hard work and struggle will be rewarded, and you are about to usher in a period of happiness and success.

Seeing an open-top carriage in a dream suggests that you and your family are living a full, happy and happy life, and it is a sign of good luck.

Dreaming of an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage, or an old one, suggests that you are still carrying the emotional baggage of your past life inside.

Dreaming of horses pulling heavy carts to deliver goods can be a sign that you will have to work hard in the near future and reduce the joy of life.

Dreaming that you are sitting in a carriage is a sign that you will have the support of good friends and that your career is going well.

Seeing many carriages lined up in a dream is a sign that you are going to get rich and live a prosperous life.

Dreaming of an ornately decorated carriage suggests that you have some stubborn traditional beliefs that you will not change.

Dreaming that you are sitting in a wagon pulling goods, or that you are driving a cart by yourself, suggests that you have had to work hard and have a boring life lately.

Dreaming of giving someone a carriage can indicate that you will suffer a great loss or be dismissed.

Dreaming of the loss of a carriage means that the dreamer may lose his job.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation: If you dream of a car, especially a horse-drawn carriage, it may represent a traditional conservative view that is at odds with modern thought. Dreaming of a train carriage suggests a trip with an open-air nature, rather than a car ride.

Psychoanalysis: Symbols related to sports basically represent the ability to withstand the changes in life that affect the development of personality.

Spiritual symbol: The vehicle is a symbol of nobility and power.

Case study of dreaming about a horse-drawn carriage

Dream description: Growing up in Northeast China, I have a deep longing for my hometown. In my dreams, I sometimes dream that I have returned to my hometown. I sat in a carriage and galloped through the fields in the countryside, on both sides of the road were endless farmlands, green and full of life. (Male, 29 y.o.)

Dream Interpretation: The dream of the carriage symbolizes happiness, friendship and financial luck. Seeing an open-top two-wheeled carriage in a dream is a sign of happiness and joy for your whole family. Dreaming that you are sitting in a carriage suggests that you will be helped by your friends. Dreaming of a lot of carriages lined up in a long line of snakes suggests that you will make a fortune. When you dream of a carriage, don’t dream of getting rich all day long, then you will only be empty-handed.

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