Dream about treasure

Dreaming of Treasure Dreaming of treasure represents your desire for wealth and success, and it may also imply some kind of value or resource that lurks deep within.

Dreaming of discovering treasure indicates that you may have a chance to succeed or that you will unexpectedly receive help from a noble person.

Dreaming that you are looking for treasure but not finding it suggests that your planned business is not profitable and that you may suffer a loss.

Dreaming of digging for treasure suggests good health and bright career prospects, and the things you are putting in at the moment may bring you great gains.

If you dream that you are hiding gold and silver treasures, you should be extra careful in the near future, as it is an indication of calamity.

When a man dreams that he is accumulating treasures, it suggests that he will endure hunger and cold, and that he will live an embarrassing life.

When a woman dreams of hiding jewelry, it is an indication that she will become pregnant and give birth to a child.

An unmarried woman dreams that she is hiding treasure, which is a sign that she will marry a rich man.

Dreaming of giving away one’s treasure to others is a sign of great wealth.

Case study of dreaming about treasure

Dream description: When I was a child, when I read fairy tales, I often saw things about treasure hunts. This time, I had a dream about treasures. In the dream, I and a few children found treasure in a cave, and everyone jumped for joy. (Female, 16 years old)

Dream Interpretation: The dream of treasure is a symbol of wealth. Dreaming that you have found treasure means that you will gain unexpected wealth. Dreaming of treasures, if male, suggests that you want to be able to gain more wealth in your heart. If it’s a woman, it shows that you are a fantasy lover and innocent.

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