Dream about drowning

Dreaming of drowning, which is a dream with strong emotional overtones and psychological implications, drowning often symbolizes suffocation, feelings of powerlessness, and fear of not being able to control the situation. When you dream of drowning, it reflects that you are facing a lot of stress in real life, feeling emotionally depressed, anxious, or helpless, especially when dealing with complex problems and major challenges.

Drowning also symbolizes emotional drowning, such as being caught up in strong emotions (such as sadness, anger, guilt, etc.) or feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of others and unable to express one’s feelings. This dream is a reminder that you need to find appropriate ways to vent and deal with these intense emotions.

Dreaming that you are drowning and calling for help suggests that you are longing for help and support from others in real life, but you feel that there is no one to understand or help. This dream suggests that you need to seek professional help, such as consulting a psychologist or sharing your troubles with someone you trust.

Although drowning dreams often carry a certain amount of negative emotion, in some cultural or psychological theories, it is also seen as a symbolic form of “death” and “rebirth”. If you are eventually rescued or successfully save yourself in your dream, it may be a sign that you will find a way out of your current predicament for personal growth or a life transition.

Dreaming of drowning is a dream that suggests health and indicates that your health is worrying. If you have a pre-existing condition, then you must be careful, because the possibility of recurrence of the old illness is very high, especially if you have allergies, or those who have suffered from nephritis, you should be extra careful.

Dream that you are flooded and that disaster befalls you.

Dreaming of drowning means that the dreamer will be anxious about the person he likes or a friend.

Dreaming of someone drowning is a sign that bad news will come to the dreamer.

Dreaming of being flooded with water and not being able to breathe means that the dreamer may have a disease in the respiratory tract.

Dreaming of someone they hurt drowning suggests that the dreamer realizes that they are involved in an event that may be unfavorable to them and that they are out of balance, and they may be out of luck.

Case study of dreams about drowning

Dream description: In the dream, I was bathing by the small river, the river was very shallow, and I could see the bottom. Suddenly, I drowned, and I struggled and screamed, when someone jumped into the water and rescued me. (Male, 29 y.o.)

Dream Interpretation: A dream of drowning is a symbol of a recurrence of an old illness or bad news. Dreaming of drowning suggests that there is tension and uneasiness in your heart. Dreaming of drowning means that there is a possibility of a recurrence of an old illness. Dreaming of someone drowning is a sign that bad news is coming.

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