Dream that you are dead

Dreams of death in different identities may have different foreshadowings. For example, young people may be indicative of future challenges and opportunities, middle-aged people may be indicative of changes in career or family, and older people may be indicative of changes in health. Therefore, people of different identities need to interpret this dream according to their specific situation.

If a person preparing for an exam dreams that he is dead, it means that he is poor in the first subject of liberal arts and has not been admitted as he was originally admitted.

If a entrepreneur dreams that he is dead, it means that it is not suitable for large investments, and small investments are supported by nobles to help them get rich.

If a person who talks about marriage dreams that he is dead, it means that he is in an unstable mood, unable to connect with feelings, and it is difficult to get married.

Explanations related to dreaming that you are dead

If you dream that you are dead, it means that you will have more and more possessions, which is a good sign that everything will go well, and if you dream that your friend who is still alive is dead, it also indicates that you will have good fortune.

If a person who intends to go out dreams that he is dead, it is recommended that if there is wind, it will be stopped and postponed.

If a pregnant person dreams that he is dead, it indicates the birth of a man, and the birth of a girl in Chunzhan is delayed by a few days.

Psychological advice for dreaming that you are dead

It’s easy to get into a vicious circle! Unhappiness caused by small setbacks often leads you to make bigger mistakes. If you miss the sun, don’t miss the moon, it’s a good word for you these two days!

Dreams related to dreaming that you are dead

【Dream 1】

Dream I died: I dreamed that I was dead, I found a phone, I said you don’t have to be afraid, I won’t hurt you, he kept crying and said he missed me, but I don’t know how I died!!!

【Dream 2】

I dreamed that I was dead: something happened, I seemed to have been framed for some crime, I was locked in the car waiting for the police to arrest me, and then the car exploded, I don’t know how to strangle me and escape, but others don’t know, they all thought I was dead, but I didn’t die, after many years I came back to Le, changed my name and changed my surname, no one else knew me Le, it seems that I came back for revenge (provided by local netizens).

【Dream 3】

Dream about yourself dying: Dream that you are walking down a shortcut downhill path, the road suddenly collapses, and you are stoned to death. When I got home, my family hid the fact that I had died, and finally learned that the road did not collapse, but that I jumped off and fell to my death on the roof of the red car driving upwards! (Provided by Ningxia netizens).

【Dream 4】

Dream that I am dead: I dreamed that I was dead and put two other corpses under the tree with a mat, and then the roll began to burn, and only the head, hair and face were burned black, but I was missing. I went to ask my classmates, and they said I had burned them out. Then I floated to the place where my coffin was placed, which was a very luxurious palace, and my coffin was guarded by a special person. I called my mom and said I was going to die in a few days and I couldn’t take care of her. (Provided by Shandong netizens).

【Dream 5】

I dreamed that I was dead: I dreamed that I was dead, but I could go shopping with my friends in the world, others could see me, I could buy things with the dark coin, a 100 dark coin for a dollar, I exchanged it for 1200 dark coins, bought a blue schoolbag of 35 yuan, I knew that I was going to leave in two days, I told my best friend, this is the last time we go shopping, and then I went to see the idol’s concert, and there was a classmate in our class sitting next to me. My best friend suddenly said that she had lost something, “It was still there just now, it can’t be a ghost, right?” and then I woke up (provided by Hebei netizens).

【Dream 6】

I dreamed that I was dead: I was watching TV with my dad Dad was asleep in the rocking chair I was standing watching TV and suddenly fell down When I got up again and found that my hands were black, I knew that I was dead Suddenly I also frightened my dad But my soul can still see my dad talking to me I told my dad that I am dead My dad is sad and silent At night I am going to heaven But my dad has been preventing me from going to heaven and trying to indirectly prevent me from going to heaven until the day I can’t see the light during the day and then I wake up ( Provided by Hunan netizens).

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