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What does it mean to dream about exams?Is it good to dream about exams?Dreaming about exams has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about exams below.

Dreaming of exams, usually speaking, is a reappearance of inner anxiety caused by exam stress in school days. In fact, it often appears the next day to face risks, you have to show others your strength or achievements, and you know that you have to bear the consequences before the big event, such as interviews, assessments, reports, an important business or even blind dates, before falling in love. As a result, this kind of pressure makes your subconscious mind evoke a profound experience similar to that of your past youth, and reproduce it completely and secretly in your dreams. If you dream that you didn’t bring a pen for the exam, or you forgot your admission ticket, etc., it is a strong manifestation of this anxiety.

But there is also a situation where everything is fine and your life is very relaxed, and suddenly you dream about such a situation and feel very nervous in the dream as you did when you were a student, and this situation is usually in the form of a subconscious “re-enactment” to release your past anxieties.

In addition to this, it is generally said that dreaming of taking an exam is a sign that you will succeed in real life.

Dreaming of not doing well in exams is an indication that you will get good grades.

Dreaming of failing an exam indicates that your ideal will come true.

Dreaming of proctoring yourself is a sign that you will become famous and achieve success.

Dreaming that you have been taken out of the exam room suggests that you will fail the exam or that you will face setbacks.

Candidates dream of failing the exam and can get a good score.

The original Zhou Gong interprets the dream

Dream of the heavy rain in the exam, Ji. When it rains, it is not smooth, but if you get it in a dream, it is a good omen. The main merit is fame and fortune. “Dream Forest Mystery Solution”

Dream exams. This dream is auspicious to the gentleman, for the spirit of the government and the opposition, pointing to the future to show the response of Tongtai. If a person who is not virtuous, or dreams of this, the Lord will do a great evil. Dream should be virtuous prescription medicine, should be this omen, the auspiciousness of virtue, the image of Dengyong. The scribe gets this, the name and surname of the chief priest, and those who have the character of Han and Liu will have the occupation of the deed. It is not auspicious for the old and sick to dream of this. Dream should be a poem, saying that the title is what the word is the life, what the poem is the fu, the scribe can use this to deduce the theme, which is beneficial to the people surnamed Tang. Ordinary people dream, the main talent is proficient, and the singing is wonderful. The dream should be a strategy test, and it should be clarified what the question is, and the literati’s surname is Ye Zhiji; Equality of Justice; Martial Chinese Style; The young man is not a poet and a book, and the Zhaoke knife and pen are also officials. The current topic of the on-site visit is a megalobe, and it is advisable to push it carefully. Dreams should be tested, the sign of the Lord’s ascendance; Dream should be tested, the main Ding Jia’s auspiciousness. If he is not a scribe, then the Lord is caught in the net, which is not a good occupation. Dreams should be tested, those who are about to take the test should be near, and those who are on weekdays should be far away. Submit the volume to see the recipient, Ji; Those who do not accept it are fierce. Ordinary people may be treated to their children, otherwise they will be in prison. Dream should be a business test, the reader is trapped in the main body, and the small mouth is not peaceful. Those who dream of people are in the exam, the literati are promoted, the ordinary people are imprisoned, and everything is detained and cannot be released. “Dream Forest Mystery Solution”

Dream day exam countermeasures, auspicious, everything is auspicious if there is divine help. “Dream Forest Mystery Solution”

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation: When the content of dreams involves examinations, especially various types of training and school examinations, they are generally related to self-criticism and the desire to achieve good results. It signifies that you agree that someone else will set the ethical standards and requirements for you.

Psychoanalysis: It has become a habit of life for you to constantly evaluate your own worth, and you doubt your own abilities. Many similar dreams have been collected and recorded: being abducted by aliens, experimenting, and then sent back to Earth. Whether this was a dream or a real experience is a matter of considerable disagreement.

Spiritual Symbolism: On a spiritual level, you signify that you are aware that you have to undergo a spiritual test.

Case study of dreams about exams

Dream description: Although my academic performance has always been at the top of the class, every time it is time to take an exam, I dream that I did not answer well in the exam, especially in the math test. I was in a hurry, and I didn’t have any ideas at all. (Female, 16 years old)

Dream Interpretation: The exam in the dream is the meaning of the fulfillment of wishes or lack of self-confidence. When you dream of exams, it suggests that there is tension in your heart. If you dream that you have successfully passed the exam, it indicates that your career will develop as you wish. Dreaming that you failed an exam suggests that you lack confidence in yourself.

If you dream of the answer, it is a symbol of opportunity and effort.

Dreaming of a transcript is a dream that means the opposite. Dreaming of particularly good grades is a reminder to guard against arrogance and rashness. Dreaming of bad grades is an anti-dream, which indicates that you will achieve good grades.

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