Are dreamy dreams bad for health

It is not uncommon to hear people complain that they “had a dream all night and simply didn’t fall asleep”. Is it true that dreaming delays rest? Is dreaming a sign that the brain has not rested or is not resting well? This notion is wrong, and dreaming and being able to recall dreams is not an indicator of not sleeping well, nor can it be said that dreaming does not mean that you have not slept well. In fact, dreaming is a physiological phenomenon, whether you have dream memories or not, you are determined to dream 4~5 times every night. Therefore, it is unrealistic to dream all night or not at all, and it is not possible to dream more or less. Studies have shown that there is no correlation between dream sensation and the degree of insomnia. In other words, neither the presence or absence of dreams nor the degree of dreaming can be used as an objective indication of insomnia or the degree of insomnia.
So, why did we have the previous complaints? Some scholars, through investigation and analysis, believe that it is related to the following factors:

(1) Little is known about sleep and the relationship between sleep and dreams.
(2) It is related to the emotional state of the person.
(3) Excessive concern for one’s own health and excessive concern for dreams, resulting in enhanced dreams. This, in turn, exacerbates health worries, fears of insomnia, and a vicious circle.
(4) REM sleep and later awakenings are more likely to recall the contents of dreams.
(5) Differences in individual functional states, different individuals have different dream feelings, and even the same individual has different dream sensations in different periods and different functional states, so some people will feel that they dream more for a period of time and less for another period of time.
In addition, although some people do not have obvious insomnia, they feel weak during the day after dreaming at night, which is actually caused by psychological factors. The dreamer always associates the content of the dream with the things that are unpleasant to him, which increases the burden of the mind and suppresses the emotion, resulting in all kinds of discomfort.
Dreaming itself has certain benefits for people and sleep, unless you can’t sleep peacefully at night, and you have obvious sleepiness during the day, which affects your normal work and life, you should find a doctor to find the cause and treat it.

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