Dream about the president

What does it mean to dream of a president?Is it good to dream of a president?Dreaming of a president has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about the president below.

Dreaming of a president, prime minister, head of state, or other important person in an important position has a double meaning. On the one hand, it means that you have the desire to get close to glory and wealth, to gain power and wealth, to gain honor and fame; On the other hand, it also means that you will take responsibility and bear sorrow and trouble.

Dreaming of shaking hands with the president suggests that you will have noble people to help you fulfill your heart’s desire; If it happens that you want to make a fortune, then you will be lucky, and you may immediately have unexpected great fortunes.

Paying tribute to the president in a dream is a sign that you will receive good news and may be promoted or transferred to more important departments overseas to fully demonstrate your abilities and talents.

Dreaming of a president, prime minister, or dignitary asking you for advice like a friend suggests that you want to build a close, trusting relationship with your parents or important authorities in your work and life, or that you want to be entrusted with important responsibilities.

Dreaming of receiving documents or other items from the president’s hand indicates that you will be recognized by your leadership, promoted, or commended, rewarded, etc., and envied by people.

Case study of dreaming about the president

Dream description: Yesterday I dreamed that I went to a playground with my sister and waited in line in front of the merry-go-round, opposite Obama and his wife, who were talking to a librarian at a playground. “You don’t have enough money, I’ll lend you more. “I heard Obama say this, and I was thinking: The president of the United States is really close to the people, and he still comes to play in an ordinary playground, haha, I saw it up close, it turns out that Obama also has a small pit on his face, and his skin is not smooth at all, and then we got on the cable car, what does this mean?

Dream interpretation: Seeing the president in a dream suggests that you have the awe of authority in your heart, originally you thought that the president should be out of reach of ordinary people, and it must be guarded against by various bodyguards, full of mystery. However, in the dream, US President Barack Obama is unexpectedly close to the people, no different from ordinary people. It also reflects that you are full of longing for the future, full of ideals for beautiful things, and it is a happy thing to be able to dream of foreign presidents, prime ministers and other celebrities, so you should study hard after waking up from a dream, read more biographies of these celebrities, study their success history, take them as an example, motivate yourself, and it will be very helpful for your future success!

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