Dream about sister dying

Dreaming of the death of your sister suggests that in real life the dreamer may encounter some difficulties and challenges, or lose something important or someone. This dream also reminds the dreamer to cherish the present moment and not regret it until it is lost.

If a person who talks about marriage dreams that his sister is dead, it means that both parties have stable careers and a salary-class marriage.

If a entrepreneur dreams that his sister is dead, it means that he has lost his fortune due to unstable prices, and he reopened the business from the inside.

If a pregnant person dreams of his sister dying, it indicates that he will give birth to a daughter, and he will give birth to a boy in winter, and he will not move the earth and cut down trees.

Explanations related to dreaming that my sister died

When a man dreams of his sister, it is an auspicious sign that he will live a long life, while when a woman dreams of an unmarried sister, the extra expenses will suddenly increase.

If a person preparing for an exam dreams that his sister is dead, it means that his science grades are slightly worse, which will affect the admission score.

People who are going to go out dream that their sister is dead and are advised to travel as scheduled.

Psychological advice for dreaming that your sister is dead

These two days of lively luck, full of smiles, and lively social luck. The family movement also has a deeper sense of connection because of the exchange. It is an auspicious day to stay at home and wait for friends and relatives to visit, or to visit relatives and friends on your own. If you marry out and return to your home, it is best to prepare dim sum by yourself, so that the family can feel a different sense of family affection!

Dreams related to the dream that my sister died

【Dream 1】

I cried very sadly when I dreamed that my sister was getting married: I dreamed that my sister was getting married, and all the relatives in the family were coming, we were eating, and there were a lot of snacks, and then my sister wanted to report the wedding, but I couldn’t find the groom, and then we went to find the groom, but the groom told me that he liked me very much and didn’t want to get married, I ignored him, and when I went downstairs, I saw my sister wearing a red wedding dress kneeling down to worship my ancestors, and then I was very sad and bitter, and my brother in a red suit ran over to hug me and comfort me.

【Dream 2】

I dreamed that my sister drowned: The classmate who dreamed of Oh suddenly told me that there was a person lying on the turntable road outside, and asked if it was the phone number, if I knew it, if it was my sister. So I ran around the village crying and looking for my sister, and finally found my sister drowned in the village river.

【Dream 3】

I dreamed that my sister and I went to my sister’s house: I dreamed that my sister and I went to my sister’s house, and said that the streets of her house were newly repaired, the school was newly repaired, and the river was repaired, and the river was rippling, and there were trees on the side, which was so beautiful, and I said that I asked my children to go there to study, and I played with my sisters, and they held my sister’s children.

【Dream 4】

I dreamed that my sister’s son was exchanging love tokens: I dreamed that my sister’s son was exchanging love tokens, and I went to my sister, and she was exchanging love notes with people, and there were many people who found it by walking a difficult road, and I also dreamed that my employees were eating with me, as if they were cooking in a very high place.

【Dream 5】

I dreamed that my sister hurt me with a sharp weapon: I went to bed last night and dreamed that we were a family of four living together. One day, a group of guests suddenly came, and they were talking and laughing, and suddenly they wanted to snatch our things very domineeringly. At first we didn’t speak, but we agreed. Later, when they were about to take something, suddenly my sister threw a sharp weapon at her. They kept complaining that it hurt, but it wasn’t hurt, and I suddenly felt a lot of pain in my left arm. I found that I had several more scars on my arm for some reason. The wound is not deep, but it is painful. Later, my sister also said that she blamed herself and didn’t mean to. ……

【Dream 6】

Dream about me and my sister: I dreamed that I went to work at a food stall with my eldest sister, and then I didn’t know how I didn’t do it, and the boss told me to go drinking, Drinking red rice wine, I drank two sips and remembered that my acne was being treated and couldn’t drink and left, and then I went back to the food stall and saw my sister chopping goose, I looked at my sister for a while and said no, and then I helped my sister chop, and then the boss came back and scolded my sister in front of many guests, I went home with my sister, my sister rode a bicycle with me, always felt annoyed and then smoked, there was a couple behind, the woman asked the man to see the girl smoking, so powerful, and then the man said that he had been smoking for more than ten years, and then he woke up。

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