Dreams and mental health

Dream interpretation makes us mentally healthier, allows us to improve our character, become more successful and excellent, and promotes the growth of the mind.

1. Gain knowledge and wisdom from dreams

Dreams are the “primitive” things in our hearts, which are actually the more primitive part of the psychological structure, which is also receiving external information all the time and conveying its “thoughts” through dreams, which can promote mental health.

First of all, at the level of consciousness, the way we think about problems is abstract and generalized. Similarly, at the level of consciousness, we are selective in how we observe things. In the subconscious layer, any point or anomaly in action will attract the attention of “primitive people”. Thus you will find something that you didn’t notice.

Secondly, at the level of consciousness, we are lying to ourselves. People have language, thinking, and are smarter than animals, but because of this, people can also deceive themselves. “Primitive people” can tell the truth, prompting us not to run away from reality but to solve things straightforwardly. It is closer to the person itself, it knows more what you really need, people due to self-deception, due to concept limitations, often do not know what they really want, the pursuit of some things in society everyone pursues, but can not see the real desire of their hearts.

Dreams provide us with a special kind of wisdom and knowledge that is a guarantee of mental health.

A girl is very melancholy, for some reason, she just can’t lift her spirits, she feels worthless, she analyzes her dreams, but she quickly knows why she is depressed, that is, she gets rid of depression and rejuvenates herself and is happy.

2. Self-acceptance (to promote mental health assurance) Because much of the knowledge in dreams is dark, and many of them are difficult to receive.

Nor is it immoral to love someone and thus wish to rejoice in them. It’s just an emotion. It’s human nature to have emotions. When a person represses a normal sexual urge, the repressed sexual urge manifests itself in an evil dirty way. College students find ways to sublimate sexual energy and transfer it to artistic creation or other interests and hobbies, thus eliminating the soil of evil. When “evil thoughts” appear in your dreams, tell yourself that evil appears because of the hunger and thirst for good. It is also normal for people to have negative (evil) thoughts when normal needs cannot be satisfied, and we must not only suppress evil thoughts, but on the contrary, we must satisfy normal needs, so as to eliminate the soil of evil. Not accepting yourself, being harshly critical of yourself, and making yourself guilty often don’t make you better. It’s just another layer of trouble on top of the existing troubles. Not being able to self-accept and interpret dreams is harmful, but it can give you a chance to be your true self and improve.

3. Adapt to the situation and improve yourself – an opportunity to improve your psychological condition. “Conscience” may not always be right. Man has two kinds of conscience, one that stems from the deepest human nature, which loves good things and hates evil things. There is also a kind of education and morality that originates from childhood, but has the limitations of the social era. And when the moral standards of society have changed, but his conscience has not changed, then his conscience may be incorrect and unnecessary. And when a certain woman thought about a man other than her husband, she was “chased by a dog”. Morality and law are not static.

Why did she have the idea of having an extramarital affair? Do they cover up each other and are unwilling to admit that there is a rift in their relationship? Can’t find a solution? Dream interpretation can help the other party find a new solution.

When interpreting dreams for yourself, you can ask yourself, comfort yourself, talk to yourself, ask to give up old ideas, rebuild new ones, and be healthier and more perfect.

4. Dreams and mental states

Correct dream interpretation can remind people of their true emotional state and psychological state, so as to resolve psychological conflicts, resolve negative emotions, make life decisions, and move towards happiness. Someone dreams of climbing danger, accompanied by fear, hidden in daily life manifests itself as insomnia, headaches, memory loss, irritability, etc. People’s value is not based on other people’s opinions, we should be confident in place of others’ praise, find our own value, and enjoy life. Eliminate the need to give up too high goals, be realistic, give up competitiveness, and change your relationship with others. Dreaming of a playground means competition, nervousness, and one should give up too high goals.

5. Dream is a faithful friend

It is harmful to you, and dreams will always remind you that dreams will not be blinded by ambition and greed, and will be more careful and clear about the truth than we are, so that you can escape from danger.

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