Unpleasant erotic dreams

They are also erotic dreams, some erotic dreams make people feel that their own hearts have been satisfied to a certain extent, and they feel very happy, but there are also some erotic dreams, due to the different specific circumstances that appear in the dream, so that the dreamer feels that the sexual dreams he has not only do not feel pleasant, but also feel very stressed, for example: erotic dreams that are unbearable for acquaintances, and there is a kind of erotic dreams that reflect the dreamer’s sense of lust.

“Erotic dreams of irritating acquaintances, which generally embarrass the dreamer, are a kind of unbelievable dreams, because of the appearance of sexual intercourse with acquaintances in the dream, this often makes the dreamer doubt his dreams: he is a sinful person in the dream, why is he so despicable and obscene? Fortunately, he is dreaming, otherwise……

In fact, this is an unnecessary worry, we have already introduced that having sex dreams is a psychological need of people, it is a normal manifestation of mature people, although they have sex with their acquaintances in the dream, but this does not mean that they are sinful in reality. The reason why they are too worried is because, on the one hand, having sex dreams has nothing to do with a person’s moral character, and on the other hand, not only the dreamer in the sex dream cannot choose, but even the ordinary dreamer cannot decide who to choose into his dream. However, in some people’s sexual dreams, there are also some sexual objects that can be “named”.

A man once dreamed that an old friend (female) asked him to “comfort” her, but he was not sure that she meant sexual intercourse with her (which he was happy to accompani) or something else, so he had to play the gentleman and play by her rules of the game. Later, he saw her having crazy sex with a sturdy man passing by, leaning against the wall in a very fast way. The gentleman felt a sense of exasperation at being deceived, and tried to force her to give in, as the sailor did, but she broke free from his grasp.

Dream scientists believe that if a person dreams of having sex with someone else’s wife, he is undoubtedly guilty of “adultery” as understood by our civilized society, because it means that “his soul has sex with her soul.” But in fact, “her soul” is completely innocent, and it may be true to say that it is a “thought rape”. In a dream, the appearance of a sexual object that can be named is more or less an indication of the dreamer’s conscious or unconscious desire for “that person”. In addition to explaining to the world “the depth of the depravity of one’s own soul”, does the “rape of thoughts” also involve “insulting the other party”?

In short, it is really embarrassing to dream of an unbearable situation with an acquaintance in a dream, but you don’t have to care too much, as long as you correct your attitude and look at the situation in the dream correctly, the married person should see if there is a conflict in the relationship between the husband and wife, or the unmarried person has reached the age of marriage, and then be careful not to suppress his sex (most of the people who have sexual dreams are the dreamer’s sex is suppressed) Sometimes you may get some satisfaction in your sexual dreams, but don’t indulge in your sexual dreams, and you should find ways to distract yourself from this aspect. The idea that you suspect that you are having a bad character when you dream of having a passion for an acquaintance is also unscientific.

There is also a kind of erotic dreamer, when dreaming, the “protagonist” is not himself, but a “bystander” on or off the field, and the person who has fun in the dream is not a stranger, but someone he knows, even his own relatives or spouse. This kind of erotic dream still reflects the psychology of the dreamer, and what it wants to express may not be the “satisfaction” of lust, but the “distress consciousness” of lust. For example, there is a lady who repeatedly had the following dreams:

I came home from outside, and as I closed the door, I heard strange noises coming from upstairs. I thought it was a dog rummaging through the clothes upstairs, so I ran up the stairs quickly, but when I reached the entrance to the bedroom, I realized that the strange sound was made by my husband and his female tenant during crazy sex. The two people who were glued together saw me standing at the door, and the female tenant smiled and said, “Why don’t you join?”

Judging from the dream alone, we may have two explanations: one is her suspicion that her husband is having an affair; The second is that she has the subconscious desire of “two women sharing one man”. However, according to the woman, before she had this dream, she had bumped into the unbearable scene of her husband and female tenant having an affair in the house, so the explanation of “suspicion that her husband was having an affair” was in line with her psychology. This recurring erotic dream can be said to be a reproduction of her psychological trauma.

There are also people who are not strong in their sexual function, so they are very worried that their other half will be attracted to others. There was a man who realized that he was not sexually capable and had a dream like this:

He and his wife went to a banquet held in the open garden, and her wife chatted happily with the crowd. At this time, a waiter brought a drink, and he caught a glimpse of the waiter’s lower body was actually covered with only a small cloth, and Juwei’s penis was clearly visible. He felt a slight nervousness and irritation, and used his body to block the waitrein from his wife’s nakedness.

This dream revealed the man’s usual worries, and he used his body to block the half-exposed lower body of the waiter, because his subconscious thought that if his wife saw the huge penis, it would be difficult to guarantee that his wife would not be tempted; And that’s exactly what his heart is.

After reading the various types of erotic dreams mentioned above, it is not difficult for us to understand that erotic dreams are not all “pleasant”. The psychoanalytic view is that the “erotic intensity” of a dream is inversely proportional to the “repressive intensity” of the dreamer. That is, erotic dreams reflect not only the dreamer’s sexual desires, but also his sexual attitude. The more conservative the sexual attitude, the more sexual symbols are needed, and the symbols chosen also reflect his concept of sexuality to some extent.

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