Dream about falling overboard

Falling overboard is a common dream that often represents emotional distress and uneasiness. This could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or helpless in real life. Falling into the water can also symbolize that you are feeling heavy stress and burden in some way, making you feel overwhelmed. You may feel anxious, fearful, and restless. This dream may reflect your inner tension and stress.

Dream that you are flooded and that disaster befalls you.

But dreaming of being rescued when you are about to drown in water will alleviate the disaster to varying degrees with the help of others.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation: Flooding the Lord of the Disaster.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of flooding suggests that disaster is about to befall If you dream of being rescued when you are about to drown, it suggests that you will effectively avoid disaster with the help of others.

Spiritual symbolism: According to Freud, once a person leaves his mother, he has a desire to return to his mother’s body to rest.

So when you sink into the water, this water symbolizes the amniotic fluid in the mother’s body, and you may have a mother-love complex or are under too much pressure in real life, so you have the desire to return to the mother’s body.

The action of sinking into the water is in fact similar to that of the mother body. Each person comes out of the mother, as out of water; On the contrary, sinking into the water symbolizes your desire to be a baby again, so that you can hide in the womb and can comfortably enjoy 100% safety.

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